Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire Ti900

Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire Ti900

Breathe easy with the Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire and have the peace of mind to share and breathe indoor air cleaned of airborne viruses, bacteria, allergins, and toxins. Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire destroys harmful compounds in our indoor air such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and nitrogen oxides which are released into our indoor air from building materials, gas stoves, fire places, flooring, furniture, fabrics, cosmetics, and more.

More than ever, people are concerned about the air they breathe. Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire resolves those concerns by destroying the smallest harmful contaminants in your home without recirculating them back into your living space. 


Read more about the technology behind the Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire here.


  • Shipping weight: 18kg (or 39lbs)
    Shipping size: 15cm x 23cm x 110cm (or 6in x 9in x 43in)