Safe, clean indoor air is an essential component of our health. It is critical that those in senior care homes, hospitals, schools and similar facilities are breathing air that is free of harmful micro-organisms and toxins. Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire air decontamination system destroys even the smallest airborne contaminants, cleaning air at the molecular level.

Unsafe Airborne Contaminants

There are 2x-5x more viruses, bacteria and toxins indoors vs. outside

Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire creates total peace of mind for our most vulnerable family, friends, and indoor spaces. The applications for Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire are endless and the benefits are priceless. We're working hard with organizations who house and create space for our most vulnerable, from home-care facilities to schools, as well as for our most compromised spaces like public transit and cruise ships. We want our most at-risk to be as safe as possible. Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire patent based technology delivers only clean, fresh air, giving everyone the confidence to relax and breathe easy again.­­

Create total peace of mind for our most vulnerable.

Airborne Contaminants in Hospital