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As a business owner, healthy air quality is your responsibility.

What is Sick Building Syndrome?

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) can occur when a building has poor indoor air quality. SBS can cause headaches, fatigue and eye, nose and throat irritation among other health problems. The most common solution used to correct SBS is increased ventilation - but that just dilutes the airborne germs and toxins. 

Keep your shared spaces safe by actually destroying germs and toxins in the air with Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire.

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Stop the Spread of Germs & Toxins

Stop the Spread of Germs & Toxins

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Share clean air

Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire attaches to any industrial HVAC system to destroy airborne germs and toxins in shared spaces.

Common contaminants found in an office

There are 2x-5x more viruses, bacteria and toxins indoors vs. outside


Create total peace of mind with Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire.


Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire attaches to your HVAC system to destroy airborne germs and toxins without recirculating them back into the shared environment.

Learn how our patented based 8-way design simultaneously destroys germs and toxins with minimal maintenance.

Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire can be used to safely destroy airborne germs and toxins in all shared environments.